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The song "Smile" was created very spontaneously. During the annual cleanup in January this year, I found a music sketch in my archives, that I recorded a long time ago. After listening, I thought it might be a pretty cool theme for the song. So I wrote down a few words that came to my mind and sang along to the music.


We live in times when people are increasingly looking for changes in their everyday values. Old systems are dying in front of our eyes. Although the song was written before the recent cruel events in Europe, it emphasizes, in simple words, the good side of human nature. Often, it doesn't take too much to change someones life for the better, help in need, make someone smile. Even if it’s a song. It’s worth it.


Back then, at the end of the 90s, I was creating music using the Ensoniq Mr Rack sound module among others. To keep at least a little of the original sound of this instrument in the mix, I left part of the arrangement from that period and re-recorded the rest, adding also a vocal line. Thanks to this, the tone of the song connects the past and the present of my music. The entire production was done by me in my composer studio. Although I'm not a singer on a daily basis, maybe you will find a nice melody in it.


Jurek Jagoda - music and lyrics, vocal, studio production; Marcin Bociński - mastering / consultancy;

The song is now available online.

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