piano by the sea

In a few words.

You are visiting my personal website. I am a musician composer from the bottom of my heart. Along the way, I also looked for my creativity in a few other areas, which at some point in my life resulted in various projects. Browsing the website, in addition to musical works, you can find some traces of various space arrangements with lights and design of elements, photographs. I also create all the graphic / visual content for my projects.

On the way.

In the years 2005-2018, mainly as an independent creative, apart from music, I also performed individual work for private clients, cultural institutions and agencies, and collaborated in a multicultural environment. Currently I am dealing with personal projects.

As an artist.

The irresistible inner need to compose and perform music led me to narrow my activities. I follow my musical path. I'm also interested in marriage of music and images, photography, film projects.

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