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Playing the piano and guitar, but most of all composing my own arrangements and melodies, is an integral part of my life from an early age. For a long time, I shared it mainly with my close ones or through studio works, then I made my stage debut with my own jazz trio. Currently I am working on another music projects.

As a composer, I like illustrative / film and improvisational music. Every project is like a new story to tell. Although I am aware of the cultural heritage, everyday life is an important inspiration and most of my music is born in moments of silence. I found myself also resonating with classical, jazz and rock oriented genres. The beauty of the melody is very important to me.

I compose music in my project studio. I use original software and hardware for acoustic recordings and arrangements based on samples.

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Jurek Jagoda - 'Smile' cover art


What's up?

Work is underway on new music projects.

SMILE - My new single is available online. I invite you to listen to a short podcast about the song and and visit streaming services.

PIANO EVENING - a new music collection is now available online. Mini Recital. A few original solo piano pieces recorded in Warsaw during September Session 2021.

TRAIN - A piece of my solo music production, composition, arrangement and mixing in a studio with additionally self-made video using a mobile phone. Available online from 11/28/21

In the early spring, I traveled on empty trains a few times and an idea for a musical theme came to my mind. This short piece I have arranged for piano, two trombones, violin, bass, timpani and drums. The music is currently available for listening along with a video and a few written words on my YouTube piece of floor.


A few clips currently available.

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Music and moving pictures
Studio works.
Live Music
Live performance with original music repertoire.



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Original compositions.
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