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Introduction to my music.

Playing the piano and guitar, but most of all composing my own arrangements and melodies, is an integral part of my life from an early age. For a long time, I shared it mainly with my close ones or through studio works, then I made my stage debut with my own jazz trio. Currently I am working on another music projects.

As a composer, I like illustrative / film and improvisational music. Every project is like a new story to tell. Although I am aware of the cultural heritage, everyday life is an important inspiration and most of my music is born in moments of silence. I found myself also resonating with classical, jazz and rock oriented genres. The beauty of the melody is very important to me. I compose music in my project studio.

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Jurek Jagoda - 'Smile' cover art


Listen to music

In the projects section below you have access to more detailed information about my music. Press the album / single icon and go to the project page. There is a music player so you can listen to some tunes on my website as well as links to streaming services.


Velocity - my new composition now available for listening, currently only on my website.


Smile - As a part of my music making story, a composition from the late nineties is brought back to life. I remixed a bit an old recording, added a vocal line with lyrics and sang along to it. Listen to a short podcast about the song and visit my music streaming sites.


As a pianist, I have always wanted to record my solo piano album. The Evening project is currently available as a "streaming version". There will be more compositions in the full album ( physical version ) and I will play the grand piano.


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